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Who Are We & What We Do?

Simply put, we are tailors. Real, authentic, genuine tailors.

Tailors, who manufacture great quality clothing for retailers, clothiers, fashion designers, haberdashers, big & tall shops, outfitters, online sellers, tailor shops, boutiques and the like.

Tailors, who possess the ability, skill-set, and determination to be able to produce any garment, any style, any design, in any size.

Tailors, who can customise every stitch, in any garment, specifically crafted for either infants, children, men, women, or masculine clothing for the butch.

We proudly boast of a large product offering, from ready-to-wear, made-to-order, measure to measure, custom and bespoke tailoring, and everything in between. From casual-wear, to neckwear, equestrian & riding apparel, business attire, and formal wear, we offer our expertise in tailoring garments for any occasion.

We tailor everything from suits, to sport jackets, trousers, dress shirts, polo shirts, chinos, vests (waistcoats), formal wear, tailcoats, morning coats, topcoats, casual cotton blazers, wind-breakers, riding coats, jodhpurs, skirts, dresses, even custom neck ties, bow ties, cummerbund sets and pocket squares - all of which can be meticulously hand tailored, one-at-a-time, in our custom and bespoke offering, or can mass produced in our RTW or MTO production line.

We would love for you to browse through our most recent work.


Get in touch with us if you would like to utilize our services and expand your product offering.

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