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Custom. Seven Days.

Custom Tailoring Delivered in 7 Days



Our Bolt program, aptly named after the Olympic gold medalist Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, offers retailers an immensely quick turnaround for customers with an urgent need for tailored clothing.​​


Such a lightening quick delivery is unheard of in the custom tailoring industry.

  • Complete custom tailoring - this isn't a made-to-measure program with predetermined sizes. Paper patterns, hand drafted to achieve the perfect fit.

  • Complete autonomy in designing and styling.

  • Complete autonomy in linings, buttons, felt and other finer detailing.

  • Custom tailored clothing with a guarantee delivery, in your hands, in 7 days. No ifs, ands, or buts.

How It Works?

  1. All Bolt Program orders must be clearly labelled and identified.

  2. Day 1 begins only after order has been verified by factory (next business day).

  3. Delivery depends on current workload and production schedule of our factory. If we cannot guarantee delivery, or cannot accept the order, we will advise by next business day.

  4. Orders submitted by end of business day, will be reviewed and verified same working day.

  5. Orders submitted over the weekend will be processed next business day.

  6. Courier services used are either FedEx International Priority, or DHL Next Day Delivery.

  7. Delays caused by couriers, are beyond our control.

  8. This service is not applicable during or immediately after factory vacation.

Contact us if you'd like to get started, or have more questions about this program.

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