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Absolutely Accurate Fit

Basted Fitting Option


Old school sartorial tailoring meets new age global efficiency and ingenuity. With the advancements in technology, sartorial suits and tailored clothing no longer need to be made on premises. They can be made thousands of miles away, and yet be flown around the world to achieve the most accurate fit. This is what we aim to achieve with our basted fitting program.

A genuinely bespoke garment involves a fascinating experience for the customer to see the suit taking shape. The basted fitting is the quintessential hallmark of bespoke clothing. Almost all of the world’s most famous tailors require this fitting of all of their customers.

It is called the basted fitting because, at this point, the suit is temporarily stitched together with white basting thread. The measurements, posture, and stance have previously been accounted for by our tailoring gurus, and the basted fitting will allow the customer to try on the custom suit. Then, in an effort to provide an enhanced customer service, the clothier will then use the fitting to fine tune the jacket and trousers, so it drapes perfectly over the body. By examining the garment in intricate detail results in a suit that won’t require any alterations upon delivery.

For many customers, it can be challenging to imagine what the finished product will look like during the first meeting when the fabric is selected. Therefore at this stage, the customer can also make changes to the item. Since the basting thread is temporary, the suit can be completely disassembled so our tailors can alter the look if required. For example, the width of the lapel, or the vent chosen or any other aspect can all be changed at this stage.

Although many made to measure vendors may claim their garments are custom-made, they aren’t. One of the best ways to determine whether an item is custom or MTM is to ask them if allow for a basted fitting. If they say no, chances are it’s a pattern altered, but it’s not an item made specifically for the customer. 


Once you go bespoke, you’ll never go back.

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