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Bespoke Tailoring


Canvas - is hand padded and not machine stitched as is common with many other workshops. Our canvas is lightweight and provides extra comfort in the jacket chest.

Soft Shoulders - we do not use ready made shoulder pads. We create padding ranging on 1/8" to 5/8" depending on the shoulder slope of the client. Our padding is very soft and lightweight, which helps in ease of movement.

Armhole and Sleeves - are sewn in by hand and once again this allows more fullness to be sewn into the sleeves than a sleeve that has been machine stitched.  This, in turn, is hand sewn into a high and comfortable arm hole.

For every garment, we cut the paper patterns and suits in the traditional way. Our tailoring creates soft shoulders, high armholes, unrivaled comfort and a unique stylish look for every individual client. They are made in the true bespoke tradition, with over 50 hours of hand work in every suit.

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